POZ Exclusive: Statement From Rocketown Promoter On Volumes Controversy



Last night we reported that a fight broke out between Volumes and Rocketown over a gay-rights issue linked to last week’s controversy. The story was originally painted in the light that Volumes’ frontman was jumped by security for talking about a gay friend. While that may or may not be true, PropertyOfZack has received a statement from Mark Mosley, the head of Music City Booking in Nashville, TN that was promoting the show and experienced a vastly different event outside the venue. Mosley, who is not an actual employee of Rocketown but has promoted shows there for years, feels that what he experienced first hand from from Michael Barr should be read by those that have paid attention to the Rocketown story over the past week. It should be noted that Mosley was not inside the venue while the original fight broke out, but was spit on and called a “faggot” by Barr, among other things. We’re sure there will be many more stories that pop up from last night, but you can read Mosley’s statement to POZ below by clicking “Read More.”

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Mmmmh there’s two sides to every story……

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    Mmmmh there’s two sides to every story……
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